Computer Interaction


At Coursera I did an online course called Computer Human Interaction, where the objective was to learn how to analysis a project, create a brief and prototype and to evaluate the project with stakeholders, clients, and users until it is ready to start designing.

During this course, I put my knowledge and skills in researching and analyzing the product needs. In this case the final project was to design a mobile app interface.


Developing a Brief

Developing a Brief.

The first assignment was to identify a new interface needed to improve a mobile experience. From there we were to create five ideas, write why those solutions were beneficial to our project, and make a storyboard, and then with all this information we were to write our brief. For my project I designed an interface to improve the organization of apps on a smart phone. In my personal experience, I don’t take full advantage of my phone apps as I make more use of my tablet. My iPhone is normally used for basics such as phone, message, email, and calendar. I wanted to observe different user’s experiences, in order to improve how people use their smartphone. By separating the dashboards by groups (example: personal, work, hobbies, social media, etc.) and each group containing only the apps they need for that group, the phone user will be more comfortable having more apps and increase the interaction with the smartphone. I looked for ways to develop colours, tabs, and icons.

Prototype 1.

After interviewing a sample of smartphone users, I used Balsamiq Mockups software to develop the first project mock-up.

Prototype 2

I organized the main screen to show the categories for the apps depending on the needs of each user. In my prototype case, the groups were Personal, Work, Fitness, and Travel. The tabs had separate icons and colours. When a tab was tapped, it showed the notifications setup for each group. In the prototype case, eight new emails, two messages, and three reminders were under the Personal group. When the Personal group was opened all the apps in this group were displayed (social media, personal contacts, personal email, personal pictures, etc.)

Final Prototype

Final Prototype

The final assignment was to develop the final prototype and test it with the same phone users that I had interviewed during the research stage. I had a consent form allowing the use of the results of the study for my product and pictures. After this test, I was able to evaluate if my product would work and/or if changes were required before starting the design stage. The final prototype was developed using this site can display the prototype online, so my test users could be reached. The buttons are interactive so that the interface can be fully tested. My final results were positive: my test users were able to navigate in the interface with no problems and found the tool very useful.