Golden SC


A Golden SC client wanted a logotype for his two year old company: his idea was a logo with a gear and a drop of oil. He showed me some examples of his competitors, but stressed his idea as the key inspiration for the final logotype. He suggested his corporate colours should be yellow and grey.




After analyzing the competitors’ logotypes, and the request from the client of having a gear and a drop of oil in the company logo, I decided to personalize the shapes of these elements with the initial of the company “G” as the gear. Playing with the other letters I created the “S” and “C” as flames.



I wasn’t sure if we could exchange the oil drop for a flame, but the client was very happy with my graphic solution in using his company initials. The next step was to decide which tone of yellow and grey should be the company’s colours. After putting together four different yellows, from pale, bright to a golden hue, the client decided that golden yellow better suited his company than the bright tone he initially had in mind.


Final Logo

The final logo is the gear formed from a golden “G”, the flame an “S” and a “C”. “Helvetica Black” was used for the company name font: it is heavy but readable and easy to remember. This one is in 80% black to make it appear strong but not full black so as not to overpower the logo.

Catalogue - Front and back cover

Catalogue – Front and back cover

After the logotype was finalized, the client requested the design of a catalogue to showcase his main products; he wanted to display the main categories of his products on the front page.

The corporate colours were yellow and grey, which stand out from the competitor logos. I wanted to ensure that the colours were used appropriately as the client wanted a layout that communicated quality. As the golden yellow can display too shiny in print, I decided to use it in small portions.

The back cover showed all the contact information of the domestic and international offices.

Catalogue - Inside pages

Catalogue – Inside pages

The interior pages were designed with small traces of yellow and the rest of the content in black and grey. As it is a catalogue with many specifications, the first thing to design was the character and paragraph style. The catalogue was designed in Design Creative Suite. The product pictures were clipped to take out the heaviness of the machines in the background when possible.