Katie Leahul


Katie Lois Leahul is an artist based in Calgary, Alberta. After painting for several years, she decided to launch her painting career as a professional. She created her own website, and thus needed a brand to showcase who she is and what she can do. She is free spirit; youthful, and emits happiness in every interaction. Her art shows her passion for abstract painting using geometric lines and daring colour in a cubic-style approach.


Katie Logo


On the first few drafts I was trying to use and exhibit her geometric and cubic style, while at the same time to portray and illustrate aspects of her beautiful personality. She uses strong colours in her paintings so I wanted to incorporate strong colours in her brand. First I experimented with her initials, but soon felt that solution was too bold. Therefore, I created a flower using geometrical shapes.


Final Logo

The final product is her signature, which represents her simultaneously free and formal personality. The artist requested the use of blue tones. After playing with the flower and geometrical shapes, I decided squares were a suitable shape for creating a pentagon in the middle, looking like a flower. My main concern was how this graphic would translate on a web design, but after she placed the logo on her website, the logo illustrated her work and her personality. This was her brand.

Business cards

Business Cards

For her business cards, the front has one of her paintings in all blue tones, playing with her own cubic style, and her logo is placed in the middle. The back is very simple and clean, displaying her basic information.


Post Card – Promotional Piece

We concluded that a postcard was the best promotional piece for an artist such as herself. It can be used as a flyer, tent card, or sign in a gallery. A template was designed. The information can be periodically updated depending on the needs, events, and expositions.