The Brick


Working at The Brick as a Web Designer, I was in charge of home page promotions, landing pages, and Design Center articles.  During my last two years with the company, I was working on User Experience projects, and planning and designing the promotions for web and mobile devices (responsive design), considering computer interaction, analytics, and customer behaviour.

The promotions were updated every three to ten days. After reviewing the monthly promotions with the digital marketing coordinator, we planned and adapted the promotions and messaging to a digital format. Here are some examples of promotional design that we worked on:

  • Applying promotions to brick-and-mortar stores and online;
  • Deciding which promotions could be applied at the shopping cart stage, and if not, where and how to apply them;
  • Deciding which products sell more online;
  • Planning and designing computer interaction for special promotions and events;
  • Contacting specific product departments to coordinate the online experience;
  • Deciding which promotions would need a landing page for better user experiences.

All the content was done in English and translated into French by an offsite translator.

My work:

Home page web design: I designed and published the main panel promotions, hot spot, and banners. Main panels were designed in a carousel or static image. Some promotions needed to be targeted by region because of the different laws and rules in each region.

The Brick Home Page

Home Page

The website layout was completely changed twice during my time with the company, and I adjusted my design to fit these alterations. Despite the changes, the company wanted to keep their well-known brand forefront. When social media began to grow, I used its trends to help analyze customer behaviours using Google analytics. My role was to adapt the promotions from print to digital media.

Home Page

The promotions on the home page could be products on sale or special events that the company was hosting, which involved more detail and literature. I worked on banners promoting special messages, services, events and programs. I coordinated all this communication with each department manager.

Event Landing Page

Event Landing Page

Special events had their own landing page to guide the user and for easier viewing. I used HTML and CSS in order to make the pages searchable and for a better SEO experience. For every landing page I designed and built a responsive mobile version.

Tent Sale is one of the company’s biggest events that I worked on. Each department provided big offers and the stores put on events every day for the duration of the promotion. There was a lot of information to communicate to the customer to take advantage of the big sales and to make the most of the event.

Event Landing Page

Big Brother is a national TV program where the house is furnished with The Brick products. The company wanted to make these products available for all the customers.

Promotional Landing Page

Promotional landing pages were built for each furniture category that was running a promotion. This landing page contained all the products included in the promotion and guided the user to be able to make their purchase.

Articles Landing Page

I was responsible for designing and uploading Design Center articles every four months. Furniture categories had an article describing how to improve the design of the customer’s home with The Brick products. In my first two years, I used Flash and Javascript to make the articles more interactive. After that, HTML and CSS became more appropriate for this interaction and I also developed a mobile version. I made sure to communicate regularly and sufficiently with all the category managers to make sure the content and design were meeting their goals.